Preguntas más frecuentes

Aquí puedes encontrar un listado de preguntas frecuentes referentes a como realizar un pedido, procesamiento, envío, devoluciones, formas de pago y precios.

How long will be an order reserved while waiting for a bank transfer payment?

If you place an order with bank transfer payment, you will have a maximum period of 10 days to pay it, otherwise, the order will be canceled.

Why do some forms of payment have an additional charge?

Although the payments by credit/debit card and bank wire do not have any additional cost, the payments made through Paypal and counter-payment will have a surcharge due to their higher cost. Payments made through Paypal will have a surcharge of 3% on the total order. Those made by counter-payment will have a surcharge of 2% on the total order (with a minimum of 2.50 euros).